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Miles Teller photographed by Dusan Reljin for GQ Magazine

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so, I have an (as of yet) unnamed miles teller, who helped found the starkid-esque group and is dating tay’s nora. (he’s sweet, finds the humor in everything, and is a consummate optimist.)

and an unnamed (god I’m so bad with names) sophia bush that I’m thinking about making a fashion designer a la melanie carmichael from sweet home alabama (small town southern girl who got married young, left town and her husband to follow her dreams, and found her way back to him). except she’d already be married to her ‘jake’ who I kind of want to request jensen ackles for, cause he and sophia are my fav crackship.


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georgina lancaster - 27 - camp nurse - ball of sunshine
  • please, for the love of sweet merciful jesus, please call her georgie.  or gee.  ’georgina’ gives her serious pageant flashbacks and believe me, you do not want that.  she will start screaming about hair spray and asking for espresso shots.
  • she was working in the emergency room in nashville, but found it was sucking the life out of her so she decided to quit.  she’s been trying to find a new job, but in the meantime she found a listing for camp ashmont and thought it sounded like fun.
  • gee’s one of those people who can find the silver lining to literally any cloud.  her glass is always half full and she sees the best in everyone.  she’s a big believer in second (and third and fourth and fifth) chances.
  • she’s fiercely protective of all the campers (and her fellow staff members) and mothers the crap out of them.  georgie doesn’t have any siblings so her friends have always been like her family.  she’d do anything for the ones she loves.
  • she swims laps in the lake every morning and always has the best snacks hidden away.  being there for her campers is the biggest thing for her, so she’s always happy to give advice or just be a shoulder to lean on.  she’s a great listener too.
  • gee loves the outdoors and is constantly begging to go on hikes and activities with the campers/staff members.  she has to be constantly reminded that she can’t just leave the clinic unattended (god forbid anyone need her).  
  • she can be a little scatter brained in real life, but she’s the best person to have around in an emergency.  she knows her stuff and she doesn’t bat an eye.  you can always count on her to be calm under pressure.

so I just re-watched camp takota and I am all about this

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favourite types of plots: schmoopy romantic ones, inspired by (movies, music, etc.), basically if it’s fluffy and has a happy ending I’m down
what you would like to see from the site: just awesome people and awesome characters (which it looks like it’ll already have)  : D
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but i'm cute right? - a charlie kane moodboard


but who else is making people from the hospital c: ???

me me me!  molly wants to be your cranky hospital buddy.  : )

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  • kate mara is molly flynn
  • sebastian stan is charlie kane

charlie’s gonna be a baker at so baked and just all-around goofball dumbass.  love him.

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in a sea of morons - a molly flynn + her job moodboard

molly flynn, 27, emergency room nurse, derby girl
  • so molly is my little ball of bitchiness.  she’s not actually a bitch, honest, she’s just not very mindful of other people’s feelings.  or opinions.  or wellbeing.  the point is she’s not malicious about it.
  • she’s a nurse in the ER, has been for about 6 years now, and she’s seen just about everything.  people have thrown up on her, died on her, done that creepy-ass pop up when you think they’re dead thing on her, everything.  so she’s kind of… jaded.  and thinks she’s the baddest motherfucker around.  mostly because she is, but also because she’s kind of fearless at this point.  she thinks she’s seen it all, so nothing really gets her heart racing anymore.
  • except derby.  which, coincidentally, is her one true love.  molly joined the belles of the brawl when she was 24 after finding a flyer stuffed in a patient’s pocket who was in after a bar fight.  (if that’s not a glowing recommendation then what is?)  if she’s not at work she’s at practice or a match.  she also acts as unofficial medic for the team, and she doesn’t suffer sissies.
  • love is a foreign concept to her.  she’s always been driven and focused on her career as a nurse, so there’s never been much time for dating.  she basically does the first date/coffee chat thing to get to the sex part of it and then lets you go when she thinks you’re getting too clingy.  casual sex is her jam, she figures she’s got friends and family for all that other emotional shit.  
  • she’s brutally honest, opinionated and completely shameless.  one of her friends’ nicknames for her is ‘bitch’ so there’s really no getting under her skin.  if she doesn’t like you she’ll pretty much tell you to fuck off and die, and if she does then she’ll try to be nice.  (but only if you ask.)

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