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name: cate

age: 23 (I’m old, I know)

timezone: pacific

favorite faces: crystal reed, charlie hunnam, emma stone, josh hutcherson, jensen ackles

favorite types of plots: somehow I always end up in angst plots.  I blame court.  but I’m down for just about everything.  I have a special spot in my heart for sappy romantic plots.

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alias: cate

timezone: pst

contact info: ask is easiest, but I have skype and aim as well.  just ask!

favorite playbys: crystal reed, charlie hunnam, nico mirallegro, holland roden, josh hutcherson, alexis bledel, I dunno others

favorite animated characters: SULLEY, ariel, rapunzel, elsa, anna, peter pan, tiger lily, jim hawkins, PRINCESS KIDA, meg, marie, sergeant calhoun, vanellope von schweetz, so many more  

favorite animated movie: monsters inc., peter pan, tangled, don’t make me choose court!

heroes or villains? heroes, sorry.  though there are some pretty awesome villains…


you probably know one of them.  hell, you may have shared a jail cell with one of them.  but you’ve definitely heard of them.  

every neighborhood has that one house you cross the street to avoid.  the one you mom never let you go play at and that had a cruiser parked in front of it so often you actually thought the cops lived there when you were younger.  that’s the sullivan house.

usually drunk or drugged out of their minds, liam and maggie sullivan still seemed to possess the wherewithal  to be good irish catholics and pop out a few kids to bestow upon the world.  six of them in fact.  maggie took off 18 months after the last one was born and with her gone liam turned to his first love: jameson.  connor, the oldest, became both mom and dad to the kids at sixteen and through seemingly sheer force of will managed to keep his siblings fed, clothed, in school and with a roof over their heads.  sure, their methods of procuring rent money aren’t always the cleanest, and their records have put the siblings with powers on division’s radar.  but they get by, they make do.  and no one can deny that they wouldn’t do anything for each other.  anything.  

you don’t fuck with the sullivans.

[basically if you’ve seen shameless (the american version) they’re the gallaghers and they’re awesome.  not all the siblings have powers, but the ones who do usually have one of the family powers: readers, stitches or changers.  once and a while something new pops up.  they all live together in the same house, though connor has been threatening to move out since the youngest one hit puberty.  they’re fiercely loyal to each other and family always comes first.  just about all of them have a record but connor’s just happy no one ended up a serial killer on his watch.  yet.]

  • connor “sulley” sullivan, 31, reader, played by cate (the fiona)
  • boy/girl sullivan, 27-29 (the lip)
  • boy/girl sullivan, 25-27 (the ian)
  • boy/girl sullivan, 21-24 (the debbie)
  • patrick “trick” sullivan, 20, human, played by court (the carl)
  • boy/girl sullivan, 15-16 (the liam)

♢ five things you should know about connor sullivan
  • he almost never drinks coffee. not because he doesn’t like the taste but because it makes him way too jittery and unable to focus. while he usually has a good handle on his power that all goes out the window the moment he has any caffeine. the kids used to try and get him to drink it without him noticing whenever they wanted to get away with anything.
  • he discovered his power when he was ten after hearing his father thinking about how he wanted to screw his mother. because no sullivan can escape childhood without becoming completely fucked up. he has never, ever told anyone.
  • the only people he can get a feeling for intentions and vibes from are his siblings. he’s tried reading the general public in the same way but it never seems to work. he finally figured out that it works on his siblings because he’s so closely attuned to them anyway. that doesn’t mean he can do much to prevent those intentions, but it at least keeps the younger ones under better control.
  • he has over twenty tattoos, collected over the last fifteen years of his life. the first one was a shamrock over his heart at the ripe old age of sixteen. it was completely illegal and he’s lucky it didn’t turn gangrenous, but it’s still his favorite. his ocean-themed sleeve comes in a close second.
  • he can’t go a single day without surfing. it’s the first thing he does every day before work and it’s the only way he knows how to completely quiet his head. he spent more time at zuma beach than he did at home growing up, and it’s still his favorite spot in all of southern california. if he’s not where you expect him to be you can usually find him there.

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I don’t see you for a year and you turn into a freaking runway model?

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